Regular or Fast-Acting Insulin

The holes on the front row of the tray are for regular or fast-acting insulin that should be taken with each meal of the day. For breakfast, take your insulin shot and place the insulin pin in the lunch hole of the tray. That way, you can see you have already taken your breakfast insulin shot and you no longer need another until lunchtime. At lunch, take your insulin shot and move the pin to the dinner slot. After dinner, put the pin in the breakfast slot for the next day.

Long-Lasting or Intermediate Insulin

The back row of holes in the tray is for long-lasting or intermediate insulin that should be taken once a day. After taking your daily shot of insulin, put the pin or vial in the next day's hole. After taking Monday's insulin shot, put the pin in Tuesday's pinhole. If you are taking insulin shots less than once a day, like every three days, you just have to change where you place the pin. After Monday's insulin shot, count to three days and put your pin or vial in the Thursday hole, and so on.

Important Reminders

Consult your diabetic doctor if you have missed a dose of your insulin. If you are having trouble taking your medications, have someone else administer your medications and use this device. Keep Insulin Shepherd and all medications out of reach of children.