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Remember to take your medications with Insulin Shepherd, a one-of-a-kind insulin tray made in Wichita, Kansas.

This patented product has the word "shepherd" in its name because it acts as the "one who guides or cares." Our owner made this product after forgetting to take his insulin medication a number of times. When he used Insulin Shepherd, our owner's A1C dropped from 13.8 to 7.0.

A large number of people have diabetes. Some cases can be treated with medication, exercise, and diet, while the more severe cases can be treated with insulin injections. If you take insulin injections regularly, you must administer the injections yourself. However, sometimes it's hard to remember whether you have taken your injections or not, especially on a daily basis. Thanks to Insulin Shepherd, you'll be reminded to take your shots. Thus you never have to miss a dose anymore.


Is it time for you to take insulin? Your A1c test result can help you decide.

The A1c test measures the trend in your blood glucose over the past two to three months. People without diabetes usually have A1c levels of 4.5% to 5.5%. Diabetes Canada recommends that people with type 2 diabetes have their A1c tested every three to six months, and try to keep their A1c level below 7%.

If you have done all you can with meal planning and exercise, but your A1c is still above 7%, your doctor may suggest that you take insulin to help you achieve the best control and stay in good health.

If your doctor hasn't said anything, raise the subject yourself. A high A1c level does not mean that your diabetes management has failed. Because diabetes is a progressive disease, at some point even with the best of discipline, your pancreas can no longer make enough insulin to meet your body's needs, even with oral medications. At that point, it's time to move onto insulin.

If you haven't had an A1c test in more than six months, call your doctor to schedule it. The first step to a lower A1c is to know your A1c.

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